My interests span multiple areas of ecology, and have primarily focused on avian migration and dispersal.  In the tropics, I conduct long-term research in a community of birds living on the Atlantic slope of Costa Rica.  I began my resaerch there testing hypotheses to explain altitudinal migration and am building upon those results to understand more generally how climate and weather affects tropical endotherm life history. 

My newest work focuses on grassland-dependent sparrows in local tallgrass prairie. Using Grasshopper Sparrows, I am studying the ecological factors that shape breeding dispersal over multiple temporal and spatial scales, and with Henslow's Sparrows, we are working to determine what determines occupancy and within-season movements in this highly threatened species. I have worked on the costs and benefits of migration timing Tree Swallows in upstate NY, large-scale studies of life history variation along elevational gradients, alpine birds in BC, I also love bats! Please visit my research pages to learn more about current, past, and future projects.  

I welcome inquiries from potential students, post-docs, and collaborators.

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